Head of Engineering at So Energy, Cyrille is a real digital native with an extensive career in mobile engineering, developing products that help people manage and change their lives for the better.

Cyrille has a deep expertise in the use and management of secure digital identities – and he outlines the challenges and benefits of mobile development. His passion for a frictionless, paperless world is infectious!

Cyrille explains how he builds teams to develop great products – passion, skill and comms are all part of the mix. And exactly how do you scale up a proper, digital startup, do this agile thing and manage innovation? Cyrille has real life experience of how to handle these questions and so much more, delivered with confidence and verve.
And from mobile to green energy. The mission of So Energy is to provide renewal energy, at a good price, with an excellent customer service.

Cyrille makes a seductive case that they genuinely want to engage with customers and how turning on the light doesn’t have to cost the earth. His review of the energy world and us as consumers is direct and fascinating.

Cyrille sets the bar high, is refreshingly honest and a wonderful teacher.

Be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone!