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Paul Jackson has been at the heart of digital for over 20 years and a startup veteran. In that time, barriers to entry have fallen allowing start ups the opportunity grow and succeed at a speed 20 times faster in a market that is 100 times more competitive .
The old idea of, ‘build a great product and the market will come”, is dead. The startup has the opportunity to distribute cheaply. But the market at large , even in the B2B market ,has become accustomed to getting digital for free. Monetising the products is the hard part . Paul outlines what is happening in the market and to build the products that people will pay for.

Big tech is increasingly attracting the attention of legislators, media and the public, questioning the role of large digital companies in democracy and how they make money. Product managers have phenomenal compute powerful coupled with powerful proven tools that can be invisibly and imperceptibly alter behaviour at scale.
Modern Product Managers are now considering the ethics and social good of propositions even before code is committed to servers. Paul explains the use of the ethical charter at his latest company, Level* where trust and integrity are fundamental to the users of the platform. He provides an overview of alternative practices, Nudges for good, and the mission to meet the desire for more responsible capitalism.
In a world where digital is an intimate part of our lives Paul shows there is a lot to be hopeful for.
*Level: Level is a financial health platform for employers and uses technology to empower all working adults to achieve financial freedom. Its part of a wider movement to support mental health and well-being.

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