Philippe Guenet: Understanding Successful Digital Change Journeys – getting on the right Coach

Companies are facing the imperative to change and adapt. Leadership is lonely and leaders need to consider their change partners very carefully before embarking on their digital and organisational transformations. Philippe Guenet is an Executive Coach and Leadership development expert who focuses on the work system organisation, practices, people & leadership development associated with Digital

Chris Foulkes: Regaining the lost art of change and innovation

Chris Foulkes is an internationally experienced CIO, CTO and strategist with an award-winning track record in IT innovation and delivery. Chris generously shares his key insights and tools to help companies and their senior teams navigate todays challenges be it Innovation, Digital, Change Programmes and the best use of Offshoring. We explore the dichotomy of

Catherine Botting: If you can’t manage change, you cannot manage!

Go on everyone do some long as you will align everything and change yourself. More often than not, companies struggle rolling out company wide change and transformations. Including Agile transformations. Catherine Botting Change, innovation and leadership specialist & Lecturer at University of York is fascinated by leadership and what makes for successful change. Her

Samantha Horsman: Infrastructure is Sexy!

How to liberate your user community. Putting people first is not just a tired cliche at the Wellcome Trust where we discover putting users first guides the leadership team. Samantha Horsman is the Platform Manager for Wellcome Trust a Not for Profit that is focussed on health, supporting a museum and Library, funding activities into

Cyrille Quemin: Saving the planet one customer at a time

Head of Engineering at So Energy, Cyrille is a real digital native with an extensive career in mobile engineering, developing products that help people manage and change their lives for the better. Cyrille has a deep expertise in the use and management of secure digital identities – and he outlines the challenges and benefits of

Ceri Newton-Sargunar: Tuning the Dynamics of High Performing teams

Wonderfully positive, Ceri is a behavioural coach who is an expert in evolving and tuning the dynamics of high performing teams. Bringing productivity to teams with “rockstars” and using agility wisely is a forte. Her advice on how to avoid pushing change on people and working with executives to create the right buy-in across teams

Aanu Gopald: A thoroughly modern role model

From Lagos to Texas via London, richly qualified Executive Agile Coach and Practitioner is an inspirational role model who already seems to have packed in two lifetimes of experience and achievements! In London, Aanu fell in love with Agile, her “boyfriend for life.” She learnt the basics by a mix of self learning and just

Mike Robinson: How to get into the Impossible Zone of Performance

“Alice laughed. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.’ “‘I dare say you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen . . . ‘Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’”* Mike Robinson, the creator of the “UnJira” , is hugely experienced,   extremely well read and one of our favourite raconteurs. He